Iglesia Bautista Reformada del Pacto de Gracia

About Us

Reformed Baptist Church of the Covenant of Grace

And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father... Philippians 2:11

The Reformed Baptist Church of Madrid is formed by a group of believers in Jesus Christ to whom God in His Providence has led to know with clarity the biblical teachings that His Church must believe and practice.

Many of these truths were known and loved by the primitive church and later rescued from forgetfulness during the time of the Protestant Reform. Nowadays, there are few that know these biblical truths about the Glory, Majesty and Sovereignty of God in His work of salvation.

These biblical principles are vital for the due adoration to God and the faithful proclamation of His Sovereign Grace. It is not enough to say "we believe in God" to those who ask us, it is more precise to say "we believe to God" and we believe that obedience to Him is what the Bible teaches.

Therefore, it is our desire to clearly identify our doctrinal convictions.